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Type A Rio Beans 250g (PRE-ORDER)

Named after the man who runs their farm in Miarayon village in Bukidnon, these RIO beans are one of the most impressive Philippine coffees we’ve ever tasted. It was grown high above the sea, giving it a lovely complexity. We roast it medium, bringing out notes of pomelo, white sugar, and green tea.

Freshly roasted coffee’s flavors will evolve over time. For our roasts, we find that our beans taste best when you brew them between 1 week to 6 weeks after the roasting date indicated on the bag.

Single Origin Beans
Talakag, Bukidnon – Medium Roast 100% Typica Blend Natural

(For pre-order with 1-2 business days lead time)


Type A Yirgacheffe Beans 250g (PRE-ORDER)

YIRGACHEFFE blooms peachy, with a mild acidity and biscuity notes of burnt caramel. Available in whole or ground.

(Available for pre-order with 1-2 business days lead time)


USDA Tenderloin

USDA Tenderloin


Veal Osso Bucco Collinson 1.3-1.4kg

Veal Osso Bucco Collinson


White Clams (with Shell) 1kg

White Clams (with Shell) 1kg


White Shimeji Mushroom 150g

White Shimeji Mushroom 150g


White Shrimp 1kg

White Shrimp 1kg


Wild Rocket Arugula 1.5kg

Wild Rocket (Arugula) 1.5kg


Wild Rocket Arugula 100g

Wild Rocket (Arugula) 100g